Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Counseling


My counseling approach                  

Let me explain several aspects of my ways of working with you that make counseling work deeply.

Trust is crucial. Trust in yourself, trust in the process and trust in our relationship. We'll feel if the trust is building between us--if you're feeling headway. Many LGBT people have not had the benefits of enough trust in themselves--and enough trust from others--due to the stigma and fears of being LGBT or questioning.

Trust develops from knowing the truth about who you are, and from living from that truth. In working with you, I support you in learning more about yourself at your deepest levels of awareness and self-knowledge. From understanding yourself more deeply and from living in truth of that, you develop more trust in yourself--more self-confidence and clarity. The most valuable and lasting changes in your life come from putting into practice in your daily life what you learn about yourself.

I'll show you skills for your growth as a person. Where there's growth, there's life. One primary skill for self-knowledge comes from knowing yourself through mindfulness.

Growth and change take experimentation, trying things out. Together we'll figure out what those experiments are, and when you're ready to risk trying them.

Mindfulness-based therapy is a form of counseling that uses simple yet powerful skills based on self-exploration. Using embodied self-attentiveness, reflection and understanding, we'll increase your ability to notice your core feelings, impulses, body language, thoughts, behaviors, wishes, beliefs, memories and sensations. That exploration--done gently and with lots of support--produces the most results when it's embodied: using your felt senses focused on what's happening in your body, not just your mind.

From knowing yourself through this mindful self-study, a variety of benefits comes to you and to your counseling. It increases your emotional intelligence, your insight, your social skills and your communication skills--just to name a few. Mindful collaboration together in our sessions also helps me understand you at your deepest levels in your psyche and body--and that's where I can help you with the most meaningful and lasting changes and growth.

From developing your ability to observe and study yourself in mindful ways on a moment-by-moment basis, we'll glean essential information from you. We'll use that information for skillfully guiding you into a more fulfilling life.

Expanded, concentrated, mindful self-awareness on a moment by moment basis in your daily life--coupled with your willpower and non-judgmental curiosity--are all needed for meaningful change. I help you bring these skills and realizations into operation together so they reshape your living in your daily life.   

Your Brain's Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity means the changeable nature of the brain's functioning. Our behavior can change if we help it happen. Through this kind of therapy, your brain's neuroplasticity becomes engaged with your intentions to change, and we create new pathways in your brain that contribute to your mental, emotional and physical changes.

All of these elements combine through mindfully attending to yourself. This helps move you out of your old, automatic, dead-end reactions and habits. This is utilizing the mind-body interface to direct your change process. Current therapeutic research shows us that living from mindful, present-centered noticing of our inner process--with clear intentions of what's best for us--gives us the best support in responding to life from a much more resilient and resourced state.

You're welcome to call me with your questions 510-684-4508 (mobile). You can continuing your reading here, and you can read more about my approach by going to my site

As our work together deepens in you knowing and trusting yourself, you will live life more spontaneously from your embodied, guiding wisdom. As your inner wisdom is more in charge of your responses and your planning, you’ll be hijacked less often by your old negative patterns. More fulfillment from life will come. You'll guide your life by using your abilities to take in information, assess it, prioritize it, and respond wisely to it with what you most need in each moment.

Better living comes from having a wise observing self in you that's guiding your actions, thoughts and feelings. We can help you develop your wise guiding self so you can use that wisdom for you and your relationships.

Along with developing your wise self, we'll work on another major piece of our process: we’ll mindfully and carefully experiment with changes tailored and developed to help your life improve. As you experiment with these changes in your life, we’ll discuss and reflect on what’s happening--what works better for you. From those changes, from your insight and from more understanding of your path in life, your life will get better. 


One of the universal truths about all of us is that we all make mistakes. Compassion for yourself helps you not get stuck in blaming yourself. Compassion for others helps you move on from being stuck in relationships--while remembering what you need to do to protect yourself. We depend on your ability to recognize your truth, too, since that will guide you in who you truly are.

All this takes courage, support, willingness, compassion, investment and time. Because of how we've had to deal with prejudice and ignorance, we'll put special attention into counseling as it relates to recovery from the ways we've been hurt.

Skillful therapy is most definitely worth the effort, especially in a world that wounds LGBT Queer and Questioning people daily.

I also work with friends and families of LGBTQ and Questioning people. My phone is 510-684-450

My Office Location: 

My office is in Oakland is near where the 580 Freeway passes Lake Merritt at 445 Bellevue Ave, Suite 104, Oakland CA 94610. Perch Café is next door to my office building.

Please call for an appointment 510-684-4508 cell.

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